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The Methodist Church Ghana has commended waste management company, Zoomlion Ghana Limited (ZGL), for “doing a good job” with the disinfection exercise in its 4,000 churches planted churches across the country.

“We can say that Zoomlion has done a very good job for us! They have given us a certificate to show to the medical team that will be coming round for inspection for which we are also very happy, expressed, the Presiding Bishop of the Methodist Church Ghana, The Most Rev Dr Paul Kwabena Boafo.

The presiding bishop of Methodist Church Ghana was briefing journalists on his church’s nationwide disinfection exercise in its 4,000 branches scattered throughout the country at the Church’s Conference Office in Accra on Wednesday.

To facilitate the work for Zoomlion, he said the leadership of the church deployed all its bishops, superintendent ministers, and leaders throughout the country to make sure their chapels, washrooms, offices, and all others facilities were opened for disinfection.
“…all the places that were going to be used were [also] opened for spraying which Zoomlion did a very good job. We have pictures of what they did, and the bishops have furnished us with them,” he said.

Most Rev Dr Boafo explained that the underlying reason for the disinfection was because it constituted one of the protocols the President charged churches to do when he announced the easing of some of the restrictions.

“And one of them was to give the churches some leeway to open. That before we could open we had to go through some protocols,” he recounted.

One of them, he said, was for churches to disinfect their premises.

“And as a church which is scattered all over the country we decided that we would not allow our individual societies to go and look for companies/agencies to come and do the disinfection. So we contracted Zoomlion which is a renowned agency that can do it and do it right for us. So for all of our churches (about 4,000 of them) scattered throughout the country we asked them [Zoomlion] to go round and disinfect them,” he noted.

The Methodist Church Ghana, he further explained, had to go through all these to ensure that people would not come in “with any fears, with any anxieties that they were coming to contract the disease.”

“So it was done with the mindset that people can come to the chapel without any fears, without any trepidations that they were coming in and as a result of that contract any disease,” he added.

Against this background, the man of God affirmed that “for the Methodist Church or what I say the people called Methodist we have complied with all the protocols that needed to be done for our chapels to be reopened.”

“And we are following the protocol of the cap of 100 people; we are taking the data of our people; they wear masks because it is a “No Mask No Entry Policy” for the church,” he affirmed.

He continued that branches of the church also take the data of their members and keep them, adding that “we make sure that whoever comes to do the inspection would find out that the Methodist Church has complied with it.”


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