Covid-19 ready to kill those who underestimate it – Rawlings

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Former President Jerry John Rawlings has reiterated the need for Ghanaians to believe that the deadly coronavirus is real, lurking to take the lives of those who underrate it.

He has in recent times been hammering on the need for Ghanaians to respect protocols outlined by health authorities and government to contain the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“Fellow citizens, it does not appear that we can afford the comfort of thinking the Covid-19 virus has gone weak or lessened its grip,” Mr. Rawlings tweeted on Thursday.

“It is there and very much around waiting to infect and claim the lives of those of us who will underestimate its danger.”

The former Ghanaian leader who now wears a bushy hear with overgrown beard, had said his new look was his personal way of staying away from the salon identified as one of the high-risk places people can easily contract the pandemic.

At least 117 people, from all walks of life, have died in Ghana as a result of the virus that has already claimed over 500,000 lives globally.

Pointing to a litany of high-profile personalities including politicians and doctors who have died of complications after being infected with Covid-19, Mr. Rawlings warned that not all would be able to survive the “icy claws of the virus”.

He is therefore charging citizens and all residents in Ghana to take the fight against covid-19 personal.

“There’s a limit to what those in authority can do,” he cautioned, “A lot more depends on our very personal discipline and mindfulness. Let us wake up!”

The former president was not comfortable with how many ignore the safety protocols in large gatherings.

He therefore advised: “As we go through the process of voter registration, let us not let down our guard. It may be our last mistake.”

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