Domelevo lacks understanding: Govt fires back as it increases his leave days

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Government has mounted a strong defence to President Akufo-Addo’s directive asking the Auditor-General to take his accumulated leave, and has extended the leave days to 167.

Mr. Daniel Yao Domelevo was on Monday asked to hand over to his deputy and proceed on 123-day leave effective July 1.

Though he complied, he asked the government to “reconsider” the decision launching a litany of accusations targeted at government in a letter on July 3.

Suggesting the government erred on the side of law, he said the government acted in “bad faith” because it felt “embarrassed” by the Auditor-General’s work.

He has equally been replied by the Secretary to the President, Nana Bediatuo Asante on July 4.

Government rejected the claims it was embarrassed by Mr. Domelevo’s work.

“Contrarily to your false belief, the President does not think that your work is embarrassing to his government.”

The letter also accused him of dabbling in politics.

“The political undertones of your letter are most unfortunate and ought not to be encouraged.”

The letter from the presidency further stated: “President has at all times acted based on sound legal principles, the rule of law and good governance practices, and the good people of Ghana cannot be misled by your lack of understanding of the position of the law, for which you may be forgiven since you are not a lawyer.”

Read the full letter to Domelevo below


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