B5 Plus sailing through covid-19 positively, bagging 3 coveted awards

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“Tough times never last but tough people do,” can best be used to aptly describe the steadfastness and resilience of Ghana’s leading steel and iron manufacturing company, B5 Company Limited, in sailing through the Coronavirus induced economic crisis.

Organizations and businesses around the world are facing dire economic challenges due to the outbreak of the coronavirus pandemic. Some have even sank or are sinking due to the virus.

But B5 Plus continue to be the touch-bearer of the steel and iron manufacturing company not only in Ghana but across the West African sub-region.

And as characteristic of B5 Plus, the company is still moving on with its coveted awards-winning tradition which has spanned several years.

In the month of July 2020 alone, the B5 Plus Company Limited and its Chairman, Mukesh Thakwani, have won three prestigious industry awards.

Two of the three prestigious awards are personality-based awards presented separately to Mr. Thakwani at the Ghana Manufacturing Industry Awards, and Ghana Entrepreneur & Corporate Executive Awards.

At the Ghana Entrepreneur & Corporate Executive Awards, Mr Thakwani was honoured with the Outstanding Iron & Steel Entrepreneur Of The Year (2010-2020) Award. He won the Personality of The Year Award at the Ghana Manufacturing Awards.

B5 Plus also once again won the Steel Manufacturing Company Of The Year Award.

Speaking in an interview with journalists, Mr Thakwani thanked staff of B5 Plus for their hard work and dedication to the company.

He said without his staff, it would not have been possible for the company to win such awards.

Touching on the general economic situation during the coronavirus lockdown in Ghana, he said 2020 has been “rough.”

However, he stated that B5 Plus was sailing through the tough times successfully.

According to Mr. Thakwani, B5 Plus has not sacked any employee since the outbreak of the pandemic.

He said in such difficult times, if companies cannot create new jobs, they should at least try not to fire workers who have been with them for months, weeks and years.

Mr. Thakwani said that despite the difficult economic situation, B5 Plus continue to honour its corporate social responsibility duties.

He reiterated that more than 1,000 boxes of free meals have been provided to families of B5 Plus employees and residents within communities in which it operates.

Mr. Thakwani further reiterated that B5 Plus has donated GHc 300,000 to Ghana National Covid-19 Fund.

In addition, he stated that the company continues to provide free oxygen to government and private hospitals towards the fight against coronavirus.

According to him, B5 Plus continue to work hard to remain the leader in the industry.

When you are the number one it is important that you keep doing the right thing to stay on top, keep providing the right services, he says.

Two decades back, B5 plus used to import its products from Togo, Nigeria, South Africa, Cote d’Ivoire.

Mr Thakwani said today, B5 Plus has become the net exporter of steel and iron products to those countries and other West African nations.

According to him, B5 Plus was employing at least 5,000 people direct and indirectly.

He thanked the Ghanaian Government for prudently managing the coronavirus situation.

However, he appealed to Government to include water and electricity supply in its new industrialization program.


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