#PatientLivesMatter: Doctors begged me to drop legal action against them after killing my wife – Koo Fori

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Comic actor, Samuel Seth Kwabena Karikari, known as Koo Ofori has revealed that a mistake on the part of a doctor at a private medical facility where his late wife had gone to deliver a baby led to her death.

According to him, the doctor left one of the medical tools used for a Cesarean Section (CS) in her tummy after they had succeeded in taking out the baby.

Koo Fori who called in into Angel FM’s #PatientLivesMatter segment of the Morning Show, Anɔpa Bɔfoɔ on Monday said this mistake led to the swelling of the late wife’s tummy.

Koo Fori and his late wife

“A similar thing happened and for six days, my wife couldn’t go to toilet and she was having a swelling stomach so she went back to the hospital where the CS was performed but because the doctor knew of the mistake he had done, he neglected her, they were not attending to her and that led to her death…,” he sadly revealed in an interview with Captain Smart.

The comic actor lost his wife, Mrs. Mary Karikari in August 2010 after she had delivered a baby at a hospital.

Mrs. Karikari, media reports at the time indicated suffered some complication following the delivery of her baby and was rushed to a hospital, but passed on.

Koo Ofori opened the pandora box ten years on when he called into to contribute to the campaign against medical negligence launched by Angel 102.9FM.

Interestingly, some medical doctors at the facility, following reports of the death of the wife approached the police investigating the matter and urged them to convince him to drop the the legal action he was pursuing against them.

“Like the woman in the studio was talking about the doctor neglecting her and that is exactly what they do, they always don’t want to betray their colleague so they had to call the CID who was investigating the case to talk to me about the issue so I drop it…,” he said further.

To him, this is sad because he can’t come to terms with the fact that “the so-called professionals kill us [but] instead of them to correct their negligence, the try to hide it under the carpet”.

He further revealed that following his wife’s death, “over 12 people coming to me with same case, so we need to expose them.”


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