Fetish Priest cries over ‘kobi’ in a stolen bus

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Fetish priestess of the ‘Akonede Shrine’ at Larteh Akuapim, Nana Esi Okore, has expressed worry about the disappearance of her bus.

Nana Esi Okore, known by the town folks as Lady Tamara, explained to Angelonline.com.gh that the sudden disappearance of the bus is as a result of a misunderstanding between her [fetish priest] and the queen mother of the town, Nana Boafo Osei-Agyei, over a parking space.

According to the fetish priestess, the bus had the inscription ‘Akonede Shrine’ on it and contained an amount of GH¢268, some dresses and food items such as ‘Kobi’, Kontomire and charcoal.

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The fetish priestess said due to a scratch on the queen mother’s car, she (queen mother) instructed some armed men to come and tow the ‘Akonede Shrine’ bus away resulting to its disappearance.

She said nothing bothers her more than the ‘Kobi’ and ‘kontomire’ in the stolen bus.

She, however, stated that she will not let go of the matter because she is willing to ensure that the armed men are put behind bars.

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