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American rapper, Ace hood has called Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, a liar for saying that he [Acehood] contacted him for their rap song titled ‘New Guy’.

Ace Hood took to Twitter to tag Sarkodie as a liar, after Sarkodie  revealed on Starr FM that, the American rapper is the one who contacted him for their rap song.

“…I got a call from my agents that Ace Hood actually contacted them so he made the approach. Most Africans get attention from these International artistes but for me, it was the other way round,” Sarkodie revealed.

 However, Ace hood after seeing the video tweeted that, “A lie smh. But I wish him well!”.

Some Ghanaians reacted to this on Twitter with some fans in support of Sarkodie while others made fun of the issue.

“A third party paid and arranged the collab between ace hood and sarkodie

“After payment by the third party, ace hood’s management contacted Sark’s management

“So, it’s normal for sarkodie to say, ace hood rather contacted him

“Why would sarkodie lie about paying for a collab?”, a fan questioned.

Another person also tweeted that, “Seriously I feel sorry for any Sarkodie Fan that gets hurt or triggered by the least I’ll thing that is said about Sark, I’ve been there 😂

I learnt to be “I don care” from Sark himself, it will pass as always and more will follow (Because they have nothing better doing) 😹😹😹”.

Sarkodie and Acehood Sarkodie and Acehood Sarkodie and Acehood


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