One dies as building collapses on 3 kids

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A dilapidated building has collapsed on three children at Dormaa Ahenkro-Nkyenkyenkye in the Dormaa Central of the Bono Region, killing one of them.

The children namely Listowell 10 years, Pius 9 years and Rockson 10 years were playing football around the weak building when the ball accidentally entered the building.

Immediately they went into the old structure to pick the ball, it collapsed on them on Tuesday.

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The boys who were seriously injured were rushed to Dormaa Government Hospital but Listowell unfortunately died of his wounds.

Mother of the deceased, Hannah Ensuah told Angel FM’s correspondent Opamago Paparichy that she had just got home from the farm when she heard a loud sound which drew her attention to the collapsed building.

She rushed to the scene after the dust had settled and saw one child trying to lift one of the hands with another lying supine covered by the dust.

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According to her, she dusted off the body only to find out that it was the son that was lying motionless.

“I called him but he didn’t respond,” she said, and with the help of others the boy was rushed to hospital for treatment but died few hours later.

She was full of praise for the doctors on duty who did their best to save the son’s life, “but it is God who gives, and he has taken him”, she said in her local language.

One of the kids, Rockson, who survived with minor injury said he tried climbing the building but saw something unusual as the building began to sway sideways. He jumped out moment before the building tumbled down.


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