Train drivers about road signs in local languages – DSP Henry Agyeman

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The head of Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) of the Kibi Police Division, DSP Henry Ntikura Agyeman, has advocated for the use of local languages when training drivers on road signs.

He explained that most drivers can’t read and understand the various road signs stationed by the road side thus can’t obey them.

He called on the National Road Safety Commission to visit transport companies to “train drivers on meanings of road signs in local dialects not just in Akan but in Ewe, Hausa, Nzema among others to help reduce the accident rates in the country”.

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The inability of drivers to understand and observe the road signs is a leading cause of accidents especially in the area.

DSP Agyeman said that the road from Apedwa Junction to Bonsu Junction is a death trap causing deaths and injuries.

“Some people are very good drivers yet they can’t read and understand the road signs they see”, he said.

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He encouraged drivers plying the road to ask for explanations of road signs from the police and their colleague drivers if they don’t understand them.

He advised drivers to be careful on the road and stop unnecessary overtaking to save their lives and lives of passengers.

DSP Agyeman further pleaded with authorities to help with the construction of a police cell to hold persons whom they arrest.

“When we arrest people engaged in galamsey in the community, we have no holding place for them because the cells are full”, he said.


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