We love and revere Rawlings – Volta Youth Network responds to Kwesi Pratt

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The Volta Youth Network has insisted that they “love, respect and revere” ex-president Jerry John Rawlings who is also the founder of the National Democratic Congress.

A signed statement from Richard Agbeko Bedi, coordinator of the network, said “the founder of the NDC is a revered son of the Volta Region and Republic of Ghana… We love, respect and revere J.J Rawlings and so shall it be”.

They, however, agreed that the loyalty of the Volta Region to the NDC is not solely because the founder of the National Democratic Congress whom they referred to as ‘Father of the Fourth Republic’ is from that area.

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The statement from the youth wing comes as a response to Kwesi Pratt, Managing Editor of the Insight newspaper, whom the group believes said that “the loyalty of the people of Volta Region is not tied to former President Rawlings”.

But the want Kwesi Pratt’s claims while contributing to a panel discussion on the ‘scandalous’ book authored by Prof Kwamena Ahwoi on Pan African TV treated with contempt,

The youth network deemed Kwesi Pratt’s statement as baseless and unscientific saying it is an attempt to trivialize the issues.

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Additionally, the network noted that, the weight and integrity of the former President cannot be downplayed by any scheme or agenda. They opined that the ex-president’s values and respect transcend the shores of Ghana.

They also warned that any attempt on Rawlings’ political legacy would have dire consequences for the NDC.

“For the records, it is unacceptable to insult fatherhood the way Kwamena Ahwoi and his cabal of profiteers have done in the discredited book and we find Kwesi Pratt’s attempt to white-wash this evil agenda as very insulting and revolting. Is Kwesi Pratt a value-driven person at all? Probably a media businessman engaging in journalism of convenience not conviction”, the Volta Youth Network stated.


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