Tetrem: Residents share water with cows (Photos)

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Residents of Tetrem, a town in the Afigya Kwabre North District of the Ashanti Region have appealed to the government to provide them with potable water for drinking and electricity.

The residents in an interview with Angel FM’s Bismarck Mensah lamented that the township’s only source of water is a pond which they share with cattle within the community.

“Our challenge is that we don’t have water, we fetch water from over there [the pond] and it dries up during the harmattan season. The water is not clean and worse is that that is also the source of drinking water for cattle in this area…,” they lamented.

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The residents after fetching the coloured water for use are forced to boil it to make it safe for drinking.

The frustrated residents have therefore appealed to the President and his ministers to help them have access to pipe-borne water to end their daily struggle for potable water in Tetrem.

A resident of the community stated that, “water and electricity are major concerns for us. We are forced to mount sticks as poles to carry the electricity cables into our homes. They should come and do something to open up the town so that we know the president has also done well”.

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Commenting on this, the Assembly Member of the community, Obeng Boampong Marfo, said that Tetrem is bedeviled with numerous development challenges.

“Our problems are many if I want to list them. I have followed up on the issues and I can say that very soon the electricity poles will be worked on,” he assured.

The Assembly Member also noted that the solar-powered bulbs that were given the town have all burnt out, however, upon complains made, the ECG told him the bulbs are not damaged; what is required is photostat.

Mr. Obeng Marfo further said many boreholes in the town have been damaged and require repairs.


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