Police officer chews and swallows bar manager’s ear over cost of alcohol

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A police officer has allegedly bitten off and chewed the ear of a drinking bar manager at Sefwi Amoaya in the Bodi District, Western Region.

The incident is said to have occurred after a short confrontation between the police officer and the bar manager over unpaid drinks the former consumed on Sunday.

The bar operator, who gave his name as Prince Afriyie told Angel FM’s Nana Agyemang that the police officer refused to pay for the drinks because he didn’t believe the drinks he and his colleagues had consumed were up to the total cost of GHS190.00.

The police officer, whose name was only given as King George, usually comes around with friends to drink, but felt he and his colleagues did not consume that much, leading to a heated argument between him and the sales girl.

The bar manager intervened but insisted that the police officer pays the 190 cedis. The policeman turned his anger on him and started punching and slapping the manager, Prince Afriyie recounted.

“While quarreling with me about the money, he slapped me multiple times, bit my head and fingers and later went for my ear. He bit it off and to my surprise he chewed and swallowed my ear, and dared me to do my worst,” Prince Afriyie recalled.

He said when he decided to file complaint at the police station, the said police officer pursued him there with cutlass threatening to kill him.

The victim reported the issue to the chief of the community who called the assemblyman to attend to him.

The Assemblyman Stephen Ofori told Angel FM the bar manger was bleeding profusely when he got to the palace so they had to rush him to the Amoaya clinic on a motorbike for treatment.

He noted that even at the clinic, the police officer came there, threatening the bar manager again.

Meanwhile, residents at Sefwi Amoaya have called for his dismissal or transfer from the town.

When Angel FM followed up on the case on Tuesday, it was learnt that, the matter has been forwarded to the Wiawso Municipal Police Command for investigation.



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