Eradicating vigilantism in Ghana would be a daunting task – Security expert

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A security expert has underscored that vigilantism and other electoral related violence is now a part of Ghanaian politics and cannot be eradicated easily.

Speaking in an interview on Angel 102.9 FM’s ‘Anopa Bofo’ morning show, the expert who does not want to be named, he said it will only take a structural method to eradicate electoral violence since political vigilante groups do not show commitment to ending the menace within Ghana’s political space.

He further stipulated that the assurance to ensure a peaceful political atmosphere is to enforce the law and set punitive measures for perpetrators.

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He also blamed political actors for stifling efforts to help eradicate the vigilante activities.

“As we know, wrong deeds have no rewards but once you are able to work harder and rally behind a political party or leader’s bad initiatives to win then you stand the chance of being awarded with several incentives,” he observed.

These incentives, he believes motivate groups to get involve in vigilantism, making its eradication a daunting task.

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