Agona West youth angry over missing projects on Vice President’s project tracker

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The project tracker launched by the government has exposed again, the deep-seated acrimony between the camps of Agona West MCE and the Member of Parliament as key projects in the area missed out on government’s delivery tracker.

Some residents especially the youth in Agona West are angry and pointing accusing fingers at persons they called “internal saboteurs against the MP”.

The tracker – – was launched by Vice President Dr. Bawumia for Ghanaians to verify all projects executed by the Akufo-Addo administration from the constituency to the national level.

But the projects tracker failed to list major projects done by the current government and the youths are blaming the MCE and the MP’s communications team led by a group called The Snipers.

Whilst some believe that the unlisted projects on the tracker is a well calculated failure on the part of the MCE, Justina Assan to undermine the efforts of the MP to the electorates, others are blaming the MP’s communications team.

Ahmadiyya  Educational Complex

Projects such as the newly commissioned school building for Nyakrom Technical Senior High School, community centers and markets centers in Swedru, provision of potable water for about 10 villages in Otsenkrang, Bobikuma, Adukrom etc, the Ahmadiyya  Educational Complex Located at Agona Swedru Nkubem which was started and completed in just one year among others were missing on the tracker.

Prior to the NPP primaries, the MCE was accused of supporting the MP’s opponent to unseat her. There were heated arguments and verbal fights between the MP’s camp and the MCE’s camp over who should be credited with government projects in the constituency.

The MCE was even accused of releasing videos and photos of almost every projects in the municipality with her picture and claimed the credit without mentioning the efforts of the president or the MP, Mrs. Cynthia Morrison.

“Reports are rife that anytime the MP makes attempt to showcase projects H.E the President has made so far since becoming the lawmaker of the area, the MCE will quickly release documents, pictures and videos on social media to discredit her and goes ahead to portray to the public that she rather lobbied for those projects almost as if she’s an independent candidate,” Daily Mail GH reported in March this year.

Even though the internal party politics is over, people still believe that the MCE is still working underground to make the MP unpopular.

Some members of the NPP are asking that the online portal is updated as soon as possible to include the missing projects in the delivery tracker as many NPP social media platforms, especially The Snippers and Agona West King Makers, boil with resentment.

“I can count almost 10 projects in Swedru without any tracker” For instance, Patrick Quainoo aka Pachey commented, and added, “whoever supplied the Veep and his team with these bogus and fictitious list of projects must be made to face the consequences…so so shameful…!!!

“Honourbale Mrs. Cynthia Mamle Morrison…respectfully, please shine your eyes. Your detractors are very close in your circles,” one of the aggrieved NPP supporters commented on one of the pages.

“I was shocked for the happening but I believe it’s for us to know how to choose people when it comes to positions like MMDA’s, checking on what was fed the research team, wrong and also wrong information. I am very sad when things like this happens,” another stated.

ADA Basic School at Agona Kukurantum

“Who are we sabotaging…the party, the MCE or MP…? Why are we burnt on disgracing ourselves as party folks?” some one asked. Eric Nkrumah aka Osagyefo replied, ” do really want to know who they are… I tell you what, they’re the very people who changed the list and replaced same with the fictitious and bogus of their own.”


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