Papano is not a politician – Tracey Boakye absolves Mahama

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Actress cum producer, Tracey Boakye, has unequivocally cleared the air about the identity of the much talked about ‘papano’.

Contrary to public opinion that the papano is a political figure, Tracey Boakye has unveiled that the papano is not whom they expected.

Speaking in an interview with Ohemaa Woyeje on Angel FM’s Y’adwumanie, she stated that “the papano is not a politician but he’s very wealthy. He is not someone’s husband too else I wouldn’t have stayed with him. Anyone who claims I dated a married man has lied”.

For emphasis, she was asked whether John Mahama is the father of her daughter, she replied that, “it is not possible.  If someone is not your lover, how can you have a child with him? The person must first be your boyfriend”.

The producer also disclosed that the fathers of her two children are not friends either.

She added that issues circulating on social media about papano are all politically motivated because of the season.

She said that all those claiming to have videos of her and papano are liars and further dared anyone with videos to bring them.

Miss Boakye fired back at persons who criticize her dressing saying that her focus is on acquiring properties.

She recounted that some ladies had told her point blank that she shouldn’t worry about building a house.

According to her, no politician built her house for her; she did it herself, one step at a time.

“At the age of 21, when we go off set, I leave for my site to buy cement while colleague ladies go shopping. I will never forget when those ladies told me that I shouldn’t bother building a house because a man will marry me and take me home”, she emphasized.


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