Stop blaming Socrate Safo for crying on air – Nana Kwame Gyan

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Ghanaian Entertainment Pundits, Nana Kwame Gyan has stated that he won’t blame Socrate Safo for expressing disappointment in his party publicly.

Socrate Safo was seen in a viral video expressing disappointment in the NPP for neglecting him.

He further said in the video that some of the stars are getting tired of the NPP adding that “the frustration is too much”.

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Celebrities aligned to the NPP, he said, are quiet and that, he said does not mean that they are stupid.

Reacting to this statement from Socrates Safo on Angel Entertainment show with Mr. Handsome, Nana Akwame Gyan said:

“I don’t blame Socrate Safo because he was being loyal to his party. When you move with someone and you become good friends, in respective of what he does, I have to be loyal to you.

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“If I become loyal to you to a certain level and I see that you are not playing your role then, I will let the people understand that, then I may need to let the people know that I am not been loyal again in respective of how people sees it. Socrate was being loyal to his party because he is an NPP person,’’ he opined.

According to him, Socrate Safo was only protecting his interests.

“Everyone wants to protect his interest anywhere but the question is do you have the industry at heart? Because the likes of Kojo Preko Dankwah, Enoch Agyapong and the rest were fighting for the industry but I think they didn’t understand Socrate Safo. Somebody like Enoch was fighting Socrate everyday that something wasn’t right but I feel like Enoch too didn’t understand him because Socrate was being loyal to his party and at the same time looking for a way to please the industry but the industry was more of the negative aspect because the right thing that ought to be done at the government level, were not done and he will also give information that they are doing it but he knows that what he is saying is not true.

“But will still come and defend it. Now reality has caught up with him and the promises they gave him is not being fulfilled. Therefore let’s not blame him too much because if we do that, then we are not be fair to him,”. he said.


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