Special Initiative, Sanitation & Zongo ministries ‘bogus’ – Expert

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A Local Governance expert, Issaka Amon Kotei, has chastised President Akufo-Addo for creating ministries he described as bogus.

According to Mr. Kotei, the Sanitation, Zongo and Special Initiative ministries are performing the roles designated for the Ministry of Local Government hence, can be done without.

The governance expert, who spoke on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofo morning show, told Captain Smart that, “there are so many ministers that as we speak now, they are not supposed to be in office. Their offices shouldn’t be established in the first place. Minister for Special Initiatives, it is a bogus ministry”.

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He added that, “all the functions performed by the Minister for Sanitation are within the purview of the Local Government Ministry. Also, all the works done by the Zongo and Development Ministry are performed by the Local Government as well. So why are they there?”

According to him, attention should be focused on the Local Government which can champion the course of the country’s development.

Mr. Kotei noted that until Ghana was hit by COVID-19, he didn’t know that the Local Government existed.

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He was of the view that the existence of those ministries are tantamount to centralization which is opposed to the concept of decentralization of governance.

Mr. Issaka Kotei argued that there is no need for a large government which would drain the nation’s coffers.

According to him, Ghana needs just 50 ministers

“In fact we can ran Ghana with about 50 ministers, all the rest will just be guest officers at the flagstaff house and there won’t be any problems in the country”, he reiterated his position.


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