Not even a square foot of Akwamu fell within your boundary – Akwamuhene to separatist group

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Traditional authorities in Akwamu in the Eastern Region, say they are “gravely concerned by the unlawful occupation of certain areas of Akwamu” by a group agitating for the secession of parts of the country from Ghana.

A statement issued Monday, September 28, 2020 and signed by the Akwamuhnene, Odeneho Kwafo Akoto III, warned members of the separatist group, which calls itself the Homeland Study Group which is demanding independence of so-called Western Togoland’ from Ghana, to immediately vacate the Akwamu state and its environs.

“We would warn that at no time in the long history of Akwamu, did Akwamu state share even remotely, a border with any land purporting to belong to what was analogous to German Colony of West Africa. Whilst we believe that their actions are grossly misplaced, such actions disturb the peace of Akwamu and its surrounding areas,” the statement read in part.

It added: “We would advise the insurgents to vacate immediately Akwamu and adjoining lands, so as to allow us to enjoy our peace. Akwamu stands to co-operate fully with the State Security Agencies to remove the miscreants from our lands and adjoining areas.”

The separatist group, which calls itself the Homeland Study Group, besieged the Akwamu area early Friday, September 25, 2020, and blocked major roads leading to the area and parts of the Volta Region.

The state security forces later arrested about 31 members of the secessionist group, for the disturbances.
Western Togoland: Secessionists have won the information war – Security analyst - Ghana News Online

According to the statement, “Not even a square foot of Akwamu was part of the places visited by the eminent persons nominated by the United Nations to find out the wishes of residents to join nascent Ghana or Togo subsequent to a Referendum on the issue.”

“The nation of Ghana neither violently seized any territory purporting to belong to these miscreants, nor any one else, to warrant our territory being occupied unlawfully.

“Whilst we reiterate that not an inch of Akwamu land has anything to do with their wrongful claims, we would suggest that they vacate Akwamu henceforth and bring any claim they believe they have to lodge to the rightful successor of the League of Nations, the UN.

“We warn that Akwamu would resist any attempt to sequester even a square inch of Akwamu. These are different times but we are the same people of yesterday.

“The security forces of Ghana have our fullest cooperation in removing such miscreants with alien ideology from our midst.”

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