The Corruption Syndrome

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Today, our world suffers so much at the hands of men who are never satisfied. From the several economic inequalities down to the smallest trade agreement, there is greed everywhere. I call this the corruption syndrome, a repetitive attitude of greed, selfish desires and dissatisfaction. Yes, majority of people alive today are corrupt, corrupt in several diverse ways, some often neglected but deadly to our country and the world’s progress. From teachers taking money to spare pupil’s punishment to police by the roadside and up to ministers squandering taxpayers monies, corruption has abounded today.

I have for long wondered what has led to the unending rise of corruption over the years and how best it can be dealt with. Well the Bible teaches us according to 2 Peter 1:4 that corruption is in the world through lust (a strong selfish desire to have something). True beyond reasonable doubt, the lust of many has produced a corrupt world. Today, many lust after wealth, money, fame, recognition, food and many other unthinkable things. This existing lust will continually rid the world of its beauty and peace if not dealt with abruptly.

But how do we deal with a social canker that has lasted for ages? Well, we need to consider corruption on 3 levels: corruption is first personal or individualistic, secondly  corporate, and thirdly a systemic ordeal.

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On the individual level corruption begins at home, parents and families need to teach their young ones to be content with what they have and deliberately guide them out of lust, greed and dissatisfaction. Parents and other family adults need to stop bribing children with toffees and other pleasurable items to lure them from reporting their offences. Rather, children and young people should be encouraged not to support or hide any corrupt attitude, a life of integrity must be encouraged among them. As a young man, I determine each day to remain honest and keep my integrity, I believe each individual must do same and overtime we will see a society devoid of corruption.

On the corporate level, the responsibility lies on businesses and institutions. It saddened me one day, when I personally witnessed a class 6 pupil bribed his teacher just to escape the punishment of submitting her assignment late. Worst of all, the teacher accepted the bribe. If as a pupil, she is learning to buy her way out of offences then in 10 years, our country will suffer. Businesses, institutions and corporate organizations need to deliberately set up measures that counter corrupt attitude. Workers need to be taught to maintain honesty and integrity as essential work ethics. Workers caught in any corrupt practices must face the full consequence of their actions. Though it may hurt sometimes but for the good of all, there must be a no tolerance attitude for corruption.

On the systematic level, our governments and other regulatory agencies must be responsible enough to enforce anti-corruption laws. I believe we need to learn from the Singaporean story thereby creating anti-corruption systems that will spew out the corrupt and have them face the full sanctions of the law. We cannot be reluctant in this regard but with full zeal and passion we must root out this syndrome.

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If corruption is left unattended to today, we may one day have to deal with a corruption pandemic. I believe change is possible and very possible if we all decide from today to be honest, responsible and a people of integrity.


Joyous Ocran.



  1. Corruption indeed means stooping so low and forgetting what is right and who you are. Lets all join and fight corruption before it becomes the pandemic. I am in full support. Lets join forces.


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