Gomoa Aprah: Dilapidated school building threatens pupils’ lives

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The lives of pupils and teachers of Gomoa Aprah D/A Basic School in the Gomoa East District of Central Region are under threat as academic work is conducted in an old dilapidated building with visible cracks on the wall.

Beyond the cracks on the wall, parts of the school roof have been ripped off by rainstorms exposing students to harsh weather conditions.

Angel TV’s correspondent, Opanyin Darko, reported that the school has enough teaching staff however, they are faced with shortage of furniture for learning.

“We are usually scared when learning because we fear the building would collapse on us. Most of us don’t have access to desks for learning so we sit on blocks. We need immediate help”, a male student lamented.

Some of the pupils who do not have access to desks are compelled to use benches borrowed from the community, while others carry chairs from their various homes to school daily.

The school was established in 1988 by the community members and was absorbed by the government a few months after its inauguration.

As a result of the current situation, the school’s authorities have merged some of the classes such as the kindergarten one and two into one class.

Another student complained that, ” we are also affected by the activities of land guards within the area. Sometimes you hear them fighting while you’re in class. They last came to fight here to the extent of invading our classroom. We fear for our lives”.

The Headmaster of the school, Alhaji Nuhu Yakubu, told Angel news reporter Opanyin Darko that, for some years now , the students have been studying in the dilapidated structure, but the situation has worsened as a result of rainstorms totally ripping off the roof of the kindergarten block.

According to him, he had over the past two years reported the poor state of the school structure to the Gomoa East District Assembly, but the situation still persists.

“Encroachment of our land and activities of armed robbers are among our biggest challenges. We have reported our problems to authorities like the District Coordinator of Gomoa East, the Assembly member, government rep and the district Engineer to no avail”

He explained that he has made several appeals to the district assembly for renovation of the structure but that has not yielded any positive results.


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