It is my prayer I work with Denzel Washington – Martha Ankomah

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Ghanaian actress, Martha Ankomah, says that it is her prayer to be on set with Hollywood actor Denzel Washington in a movie shoot one day.

Denzel Hayes Washington Jr. is the first name she mentioned when she was asked which actor in the world she would like to work with.

She however, disclosed that the one actor whose talents blows her away all the time is Leonardo DiCaprio.

According to her, “he is a solid actor not just when it comes to love stories but if you see him in most of his movies, he is just a great actor”.

While describing her fondness for the actor, who has featured in Titanic and the Wolf of Wall Street, Martha Ankomah noted that he acts so effortlessly that it doesn’t feel like he is acting behind a camera.

Meanwhile, she has also expressed her willingness to act with Tyler Perry, Mel Gibson, Jodie Foster, Bruce Willis, Viola Davis and Jet Lee.

Jet Lee, though in his old age now, is a topnotch actor, she said to host of Angel FM’s AngelDrive – Quophi Okyeame on Wednesday, December 8, 2021.

Actress Martha Ankomah, while recounting some experiences in the movie industry, disclosed that a producer once took away her script and gave it to his niece who had just arrived from Nigeria to act the role.

She also noted that she is very mindful of eating on set after a horrible experience.

We all ate the same food, however I had a stomach upset and had to call home for them to pray for me. I didn’t go to the hospital and since then I am careful with food, she said.

She however, disclosed that her favourite meal is banku and okro soup mixed with groundnut soup and crabs.



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