Only technology can transform Ghana – Dr. Thomas Mensah

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Ghanaian-American chemical engineer and inventor, Dr. Thomas Mensah, has stated that for Ghana to be transformed into a developed nation, it needs to be heavily reliant on technology.

According to him, the 21st century thrives on technology for development in all sectors and economic transformation.

Speaking on Angel FM’s Anopa Bofoↄ breakfast show, Dr. Mensah outlined some innovations Ghana must adopt in its transformation and developmental agenda.

He stated that Ghana needs to abandon the old railway lines and move on to the use of bullet trains, which he believes are very fast, efficient and safe mode of transportation.

I suggested we migrate to bullet trains that can take one hour from Accra to Kumasi instead of five hours, Accra to Tamale four hours, not eight to twelve hours. I’ve been pushing for this since I came to Ghana because I believe that can change Ghana, he said.

The renowned fibre optics and nanotechnology expert explained that development is stalled when movement of people as well as goods and services are hindered without alternatives.

Citing an example, he said that an accident on the single lane Accra to Kumasi Road can cause severe havoc and stress to people; a situation that use of bullet trains can resolve easily.

He argued further that these technologies have contributed to China’s development as the second largest super power after the United States of America and can also be instrumental in creating over a million jobs for Ghanaian youths.

He noted that government has bought into the idea of the bullet trains and the Railway Minister, John Peter Amewu is committed and capable to get it done.

Again, Dr. Thomas Mensah mentioned that he is introducing drones in Ghana that can improve agriculture, security, mineral ore location among others.

Agriculture specific drones, he said, are able to detect sick plants and administer insecticides.

Beyond that he said these drones can also turn on sprinklers when crops need water.

He said that he has the capacity to design drones that can deliver medicines and medical equipment to remote areas as piloted with government’s zipline project.


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