Video: Nurse delivers twins in Taxi to save expectant mother

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A general nurse serving at the Out Patient Dapartment (OPD) of the Obom Health Centre in the Ashanti Region has delivered twins with her observational skills.

Juliet Acheampong in an interview with Angel FM’s Kofi Adoma Nwanwani said she has never delivered a baby but has been playing a supportive role during deliveries.

According to her, the official role assigned her is not related to maternity duties, however her interest in the field incites her to always observe the processes whenever she is off duty or less busy and that resulted in her partial engagement in the maternity duties.

“At Obom, I told the maternity nurses to call me whenever I am less busy, so I assist them with cutting of the cords and injections” the nurse said on the Anopa Bofoɔ morning show.

On Tuesday January 4, 2022, she was the savior of a family of five which was expecting additional lives. She delivered twins—male and female.

The first baby (girl) was easy to deal with, Juliet Acheampong noted, because she was in a headfirst position in the mother’s uterus at the time she arrived at their home.

Her intelligence was tested when the boy failed to come out moments after the first born, and they had to convey the baby together with the mother to a nearby facility for attention.

In addition to the delay, she detected that he was in a breech position.

She narrated, “I inserted my hand into the cervix to be sure that no cord was wound around his neck, because sometimes when babies are coming out with their legs, they have cords around their necks. So I prayed that everything be okay and I delivered him easily.”

Currently, the mother and the two babies have been admitted at the Manhyia Hospital in the region receiving their health care needs.

Prior to the delivery however, she was admitted at the Manhyia Hospital following her labour pains, but was discharged on account that the time was undue for her delivery.

The father of the twin, Isaac Kusi who expressed joy over Juliet Acheampong’s timely intervention, invoked God’s blessings upon her saying “not all would avail themselves to help in such a situation.”

Juliet said she had always envisioned herself to be a doctor, and having been with her sisters during their parturition to watch how the maternity nurses operated on them, she was inspired to veer into the health field.

Watch the full video below:


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