We are not rivals − Kuami Eugene and KiDi refute claims

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With a section of the public holding the perception that there is some tension between Links Entertainment signees, Kuami Eugene and KiDi, the two have cleared the misconception stating that they are not rivals.

Speaking on Angel FM’s Y’Adwuma Nie with DJ Ohemaa Woyeje, KiDi said the misperception are borne out of the fact that they cannot accept that “two people in the same space are doing something similar.”

He argued citing the purported rivalry in football saying “no matter what happens, people will compare Messi and Ronaldo as rivals meanwhile they are somewhere sharing beer together”.

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However, he has admitted that frictions are bound to occur as it is typical of the industry.

He said: “Because of the groups we grew up listening to like the Wutas, VIPs, you cannot say that when two people are living together in one house there is no way there will be a problem.

“Even with Links there will always be small frictions here and there but there is a bigger goal ahead. We need to focus and know that we are working and if we need to achieve something as a collective, no matter what happens in between, we have to realise that the goal is just one and we have to work towards it,” he added.

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On his side, Kuami Eugene added that, they both sing love songs so regardless of the situation, people will choose their favourite because it happens like that all the time.

“I think Dady Lumber and Kojo Antwi don’t stay together but people have done the same thing to them. Although we are under one label, one is dark and the other is fair” he said.

They concluded that people will suggest Kuami Eugene’s songs and others will opt for Kidi’s, so in their reasoning, “they may think we are rivals but we are just working to get our daily bread”.


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