Police, presidency ranked as most corrupt institutions – Afrobarometer

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The Ghana Police Service has been ranked as the most corrupt institution in Ghana.

The service was closely followed by the Office of the President which was perceived as the second most corrupt institution in the country.

These outcomes were captured in an Afrobarometer survey conducted by the Ghana Centre for Democratic Development (CDD-Ghana).

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The survey, dubbed ‘2021 Ghana Integrity of Public Services Survey’, positioned the police service at the top after it scored 65% with its runner up, the presidency scoring 55%.

While Members of Parliament ranked third on the list, judges and magistrates and tax officials occupied the fourth and fifth positions as corrupt institutions respectively.

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The survey placed Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) at the bottom of the list after securing 22%.

Among the least perceived corrupt institutions are private media and public media which garnered 27% each.

The Afrobarometer report also indicated that 77% of Ghanaians believe corruption has increased with a paltry 6% holding the opinion that corruption is reducing.

The Ghana Armed Forces, religious leaders, traditional leaders, and the law courts are the most trusted public institutions regarding perceptions on corruption.

Only a few Ghanaians believe that people can report corruption without facing any form of victimization according to the survey.


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