8 persons shot, scores of residents injured after military brutality in kroboland

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Scores of residents have been injured following an encounter with the military team deployed to assist the Electricity Company of Ghana (ECG) install prepaid meters in the Krobo Region.

At least eight persons in Nuaso in the Lower Manya Krobo Municipality have also sustained gunshot wounds during the encounter.

According to an opinion leader in the Odumase South Electoral Area, Godwin Oblanda Totroku about eight people were shot by the military.

Mr. Totroku condemned the brutality and said the military detachment over-reacted.

“The soldiers over-reacted. What have have pushed the military to fire live cartridges at unarmed residents? I was there and at a point I had to plead with the military to move…”

According to Angel News’ Jaman Dehyee, the St. Martins De Pores Hospital confirmed that eight people with gunshot wounds were admitted but two have been discharged while one was in critical condition.

He noted that the Nuaso area has been disconnected and does not have light after the incident.

Angel News also cited a police medical form in which one of the victims stated that he was assaulted.

Reports indicate that the said residents were resisting the installation of the prepaid meters in the area.

However, the opinion leader debunked the assertion noting that the military without any provocation were instilling fear and intimidating the residents.

Mr. Oblanda Totroku reiterated that Kroboland is not refusing to pay for the usage of electricity however, they want ECG to settle the issue of their accumulated debts in a way that engenders peace.

He pleaded with the public to be circumspect about their commentaries on the Krobo-ECG impasse.


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