You must bow your heads in shame – Awingobit reacts to GUTA’s strike suspension

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The Executive Secretary of Importers and Exporters Association of Ghana, Sampson Awingobit, has expressed utter dissatisfaction with the leadership of the Ghana Union Traders Association (GUTA).

His disappointment in the Union was roused by the leadership’s decision to call off their planned strike slated for Monday, August 29, 2022.

The strike was to draw the attention of the government to the impact of the depreciating cedi on their businesses and the worsening economy.

This industrial action was announced at a press conference by the President of GUTA, Mr Joseph Obeng, on Monday, August 22, 2022, in Accra.

But on Thursday, the Union called it off following a meeting held between the leadership and the Council of State.

This Mr Awingobit found to be ridiculous since the relevant stakeholders were allegedly not consulted during the decision-making process.

In his view, it was the opportune time for the industry to find solutions to their long-lasting problems which have been crippling their businesses since the introduction of taxes on their businesses, especially the importers and exporters.

“Since 2017, importers have suffered; a lot of tariffs, duties and taxes have been passed on them,” he lamented in an interview with

“This was the right time we thought GUTA would have [stood their grounds] and say no is no, enough is enough; we are protecting the business community; we are not protecting government,” Mr Awingobit opined, adding “Government will go and government come but you [GUTA] will be there”.

He noted that a similar action was undertaken by the leadership of the Union when they met with Mr Ken Ofori Atta, Finance Minister, over the benchmark values reduction earlier.

“As soon as the Finance Minister said he was taking off 30% for—importation and 20% from the car importers, the GUTA president did not even have the courtesy to say let’s go out there, i will meet my members and come back. He sat there and then give a response. That is not the way to go by leadership,” he fumed.

The Executive Secretary of the Importers and Exporters Association is thus “disappointed in the GUTA and the current leadership and all those who went to the Council of State meeting.”

He concluded that taking the decision to call off the intended strike without consultation with the very people they announced same to earlier “You [Guta] must bow down your heads in shame”.


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