Salesman trapped after ‘bonking’ customer

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After engaging in an amorous relationship with a customer he has once helped, a man feels trapped and insecure about his life and the future relationship with his girlfriend.

Godwin, a former salesman at the Accra Mall, met the new lady when she visited the shopping centre to get some groceries.

“After helping her with her groceries to her car at the car park and she took my number and we started talking”, he said on a program dubbed Confessions on TV3, monitored by

According to him, the lady is “almost 20 years older than I am and we started talking and conversation got more interesting and we became lovers.”

When asked whether he had a girlfriend, Godwin denied it.

According to him, he started to be intimate with her after the woman bought him a car, rented an apartment for him and got him a better-paying job.

He said, “to play my cards well I arranged for her to only come to the house on Tuesdays and Thursdays and then my girlfriend will come on Friday to spend the weekend”.

But unfortunately, one Saturday, the woman showed up at his house to find him making love with his girlfriend.

He said he feels trapped because after the woman found him out with his girlfriend she has remained silent about it and anytime he tries talking about it she would say “it’s okay and I shouldn’t worry”.

Beyond the discomfort about the silence, Godwin disclosed that his “sugar mummy” gave him an oily product in a bottle to smear on his manhood whenever he will make love to his girlfriend.

This, he intimated, scares him a lot because he does not know if using it before sex with his girlfriend may cause the death of the girlfriend or if something bad would happen to himself.

Caught in a web, he said, “If I let this woman go, we are going to go back to ground zero…she’s going take back the car, the apartment and I may even lose the job because I know what she’s capable of doing”.

Worst of all, Godwin feels she could just come into the house to cause harm to him or his girlfriend because “she could even ask for anything to be done to me while driving the car or even when going to work” and that makes him uncomfortable.

Meanwhile, he has said nothing about the situation to his girlfriend for fear of losing her too.


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