Is the Church becoming an easy prey for certain persons in the society? – Pastor questions

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A minister of the Pentecost International Worship Center at Bolga, Emmanuel Kyei Boate, has hit back at critics attacking the church.

The minister quizzed if the Church is becoming an easy prey for certain persons in the society.

Making reference to the visit by some clergymen to galamsey sites and their subsequent prayer for the menace to end, he asked if the men of God were wrong in their actions.

“In recent weeks some clergymen went to a galamsey site in Ghana to have a fair appreciation of how the activities of illegal miners were destroying water bodies. After the visit, the Ministers decided to pray that God will turn the hearts of evil men and cause them to have love for their nation. This act became a subject of ridicule and attacks”, he recounted.

Pastor Kyei Boate described the actions of KSM as mischief for suggesting that “they went to pray that the Holy Spirit will change the color of the water”

He added that “fast forward, a Church decides that considering the economic issues around it calls for prayer to seek the divine. This call to prayer in essence is to call on its. members to pray and seek the face of God and ask for strength. This too has called for insults.

“Now let me ask, if the Church doesn’t pray who should pray? Is the Church is a civil society organization? Or a political party? Or the Church is the Center for Economic Affairs? Or what? I don’t get it! If the Church cannot pray then who should pray.”

He pointed out that in Acts 12 when Peter was arrested, the church did not go to court neither did they send lawyers to Herod for the release of Peter. The first thing they did was to Pray. Come on, so we shouldn’t pray we should do what, organize Press conferences?

Pastor Emmanuel Kyei Boate was disheartened that believers had ‘yoked’ with unbelievers to attack the church instead of coming to its defense.

“Young Christians don’t be fooled to join the crowd! Don’t be deceived! Those setting the agenda from outside the Church cannot be the ones to direct us as to what to do! You risk following the crowd to getting to points of believing and accepting that prayer cannot solve your issues. When you get to that point you’re doomed. Prayer works.”

He further charged the church to rise and groom young men and women with great depths of Apologetics to stand up to the Nebuchadnezzars of the day.

He summed up with Matthew 16:18 noting that not even the gates of Hades shall not prevail against the Church.


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