Em Bartels: Will the real you please stand up?

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Lessons on Branding and Leadership in 2023.

This year started with a bang for some and for others their focus is on the gloom and doom in the current global economic downtown. In all of this, a positve outlook on life, career, business and year will enable you sail the 2023 ship with ease.

As we begin a new year, many of us write down resolutions, goals and strategies on bettering our previous year, raising our game professionally as well as physical and mental development.

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If you’re like me you plan to perhaps lose some weight and became more physically fit while eating even more healthy. But in all of this, I’ve observed that it is better to be great on the “inside” than “outside”. Being great on the inside requires taking a second look at your character as a leader. Do what you profess on the inside, (Character), match the outside (reputation, brand) as a leader? Have you “over branded” yourself to such an extent that there’s no authenticity?

What do people see when they get closer? A great reputation (outside) and a wishy washy character? ( inside) what do people see in you over time? If you’re stronger on the inside (Charcter) or work deliberately to build your character, you become better on the outside. Are you brash, harsh, unkind and disrespectful on the inside yet portray a different you as a leader? If your reputation is huge and your Character is Zilch (as we witness in some “celebrities”) overtime, you become less on the outside and the over inflated balloon gradually deflates and people, subordinates, colleagues see you for who you really are.

Matching your reputation or brand to your character development is key to progress.

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Today, this week, this month and the rest of the year, my charge is: work on the branding, but don’t forget the inside (character) as a leader. I encourage you to build on the Real You, (charcter) and the outside you (Brand, reputation, etc) will follow.

I encourage *The Real You* to stand up noting that:
– Your inside ( character) influences the outside (reputation, brand) as a leader
– Our outside (brand) development is all within our control
– Our inside victories (character development) should preceed our outside victories.
– Before we can Do, we Must Be! (that Excellent leader, colleague, associate, family member or even spouse.)

In 2023 will the REAL YOU Please STAND UP.
Today, Stand Up, Stand Tall, STAND OUT!

Have an awesome new Year!

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