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Ghana is sitting on a ticking time bomb of socio- political unrest even as she indulged the façade of a happy celebration of her 66th “pseudo- Independence” anniversary even while the Akufo Addo “governance of gimmicks” is in a predictable sad crisis.

It is quite unfathomable really, that under the Akufo Addo Presidency that gave so much Hope, with the economic whiz, Vice President Bawumia in the bandwagon of “we have the men”, all are not just suffering, but are perturbed by the demonstrable lack of fiscal “Intelligence” that has brought us down on our knees, to become a Pitiful, Begging Bankrupt nation in a “Ghana beyond Aid” Ridicule as a nation IN DEPENDENCE .

Our fragile peace and unity boast, is under economic siege, from perennial mismanagenent at its apex under the oppressive and Free- range bond- wheeling deals by Ken ofori attah which has BROUGHT us bondage not BOUGHT us freedom.

It seems Time has come full circle, under a supposed Nkrumaist President Akufo- Addo’s ironic demonstration that the black man is INCAPABLE of managing his own affairs. Thus rendering Osagyefo Dr. Nkrumah’s 6th March 1957 famous euphoric Independence declaration of such capacity a mirage? How very incredible that the forward ever, backward never march is in reverse gear in Kwame Nkrumah’s Ghana!

The Installation of an IMF Technical oversight “Lord and Saviour ” at Bank of Ghana is so pathetic and humiliating. The Akufo Addo government has actualized its ” beyond aid” agenda by moving Ghana backwards to overt colonialism and aid suffrage in the speak much, do little adage that has set a new record in broken promises for a gullible Ghana.

How could President Akufo Addo who promised not to abuse the purse strings so lose economic control that the IMF has annointed an oversight control warrior on a so called proud sovereign nation, showing that “Kenbond ofori Attah” who has had control- levers all over our financial architecture with unbridled Presidential support is inept.

Our finance minister has effectively been rendered redundant from his routine escapades while he remains in office still spinning wheels that his infamous local Debt Exchange Program has had 83% success? So why is a committed governmental Pensioner exemption stuck in his throat?

If the “we have the men” joke was focused on one Kenbond Ofori Attah, no matter how abysmal his performance, it is not funny anymore.

It is most interesting that President Akufo Addo has pleaded with the International community “TO ACT” to stop coup detats. Has the IMF not acted to stop a coup detat in Ghana when the President cannot ACT to remove Ken Ofori attah from toying with Ghanas economy with self interest by clipping his eagles wings. Is IMF technical eyes at BOG not to nip overall financial misdoings in the bud including damaging money printing schemes euphemistically called governmental borrowing?

The IMF has even played smart and subtle not to have brought in a 25 year upstart of a “whiteman” to rub it in that Ghana has been re-colonised and moved from covert to overt unprecedented subjugation for selling her soul for a mere $3bn loan for 3 miserable yrs with aftermath power play ramifications.

A Ghanaian “Go fund me effort” to raise $1bn a year for 3 yrs would be most tempting to redeem national fallen image except who will have faith to donate “unavailable” personal funds to an untrustworthy government that double speaks words without honor and has incapacitated the middle class with an unprecedented illegal haircut?

Meanwhlie Veep Bawumia’s gold for oil barter at inception , was just a hat trick to muddy the waters. It was unworthy of the rhetoric that gave birth to a direct barter suggestion to divert attention from the destroyed economy. The hope is that the developing rules of engagement does work with the tweeking that is being done after public outcry to the original hoax proposal.

So Cry Ghana, the former Gold coast without any gold ownership but just 3 months of gold reserves, buying gold locally with printed money ? to exchange for oil that the country has some 10% to 15% ? of, yet, the Tema Oil refinery is “caput” and resisting resuscitation?

Why has Ghana not fixed the Tema Oil Refinery to rather exchange refined oil for gold to shore up reserves and strengthen the cedi rather than printing money to shore up inflation? such is the awesome economic management rendition that Veep Bawumia happily announced?

Is it any wonder that the IMF lording it over the beseeched country has made a premptive strike to curb the wild money printing impulses of “the more money printed, the merrier for government ineptitude adage. It is like failed governance chasing its own tail and Ghana wallowing in the mess.

The recalcitrance of the Akufo – Addo government is so severe.. Mr President, the incessant plea of WE the non-spectator citizens, has been quite simply this: For goodness sake, sack Ken Ofori Attah, Significantly cut the size of your enormously ignoble government, do not just placate us with bland gestures and speeches. Be a bold and courageous insightful Leader. Dare to do an “apollo 568 ” at the overstaffed Presidency, Streamline the civil and public services including stoppage of the ever increasing size of the Supreme court. Rationalise the various redundant agencies and Ministers and cut back on your own opulent lifestyle in the foreboding skies that portend evil for Ghana. Mr. President! Do something! your Presidency is dying, that is even charitable, please salvage.

Rather we have to hear a restatement from the German Ambassador to pour insult on our our injury so that our President can hear? Have we not become a veritable colony?

Fellow Ghanaians, We need an Active competent local government . An IMF Technical financial Czar at BOA due unprecedented incompetence and unintelligible wholesale fiscal misgovernance is a blight on the “black star” and national pride?

Ghana requires a self – enlightened analytics of her governance structures and quality of candidates as we rumage in the dark alleys of our misinformed democracy towards election 2024 with very worrying nightmarish developments in Nigeria.

May we come alive to applying hard work, sincerity, innovative technologies and overall selfless nation building Values to the task of accountable governance.

May we depart the squandering of our nations resources which leave our body politic in swallowing debt and squalor. May our future be deserving of genuine Independence celebrations because we have achieved developmental security for our nation and for future generations. Thanks Much

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