Nana Frema Busia: Let us ask Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo

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We so wanted and still desire H.E Mr. President to Succeed

So that good governance shall not Cease
This is why our utter disappointment and hard questions will not Recede
So that our beleaguered nation shall See
Genuine and lasting footprints of generational Peace with Ease
Not bogged down by economic Disease

A nation seated on gold and myriad resources in self- imposed lethal stagnation and hunger?

Let us deftly ask Nana Addo Dankwa
As His Excellency has provoked a lurking volcano of bold Anger
Our President H.E Akufo – Addo,
“Ye te sika so Ampa”

How come “ekom de yen” so much?
How come IMF $3b is our lifeline so we can dine or we die?
How come our democracy is running amok with much-a-do
without Ponder?

Just invoking the peoples’ Thunder
Pardon me, Monsieur le Presidènt,
Indeed, this our dire need of IMF $3b colonial bondage as of Old, as we have meandered and wallowed in begging, after swearing No IMF, is the wonder!

Ghana has so much Waste
We can literally Taste
With mindless Leaders Decrepit in deep galamsey Pits Climbing up with ill gotten wealth, on soiled ladders

Creating overall national ill- health,
in huge Splatters
Of Environmental, Physical and Economic Gutters
As officialdom greedily Gather,
The people follow in tow as we falter, without lead Fathers

Let us pray and also Act for a sea -change of our collective Attitudes
Let us pave way for loving governance rather than vain promises and bootlicking Platitudes
Let us have courage to root- out those who loom large due corrupt Latitude

Make due unwavering Haste to
Change the sodden Lot
Those Heavily laden With hidden Loot
Thumb-print them out at the ballot box
Self made tin-gods are Not of Almighty God Begotten

Surely, Wealth amounts to Nothing When from the people Stolen
While mass poverty is visibly Forgotten
This scenario is totally Rotten
Notwithstanding even those with lip service cathedral plotting

May God Almighty help us, Truth to Know
And empower our struggle to Reclaim
Our rich Communal heritage
to mutually Own
This ought to be our hearts – adage and main Aim

So that the renamed Gold coast as a renewed nation can Remain
And not be so unlawfullly & awfully
And Maimed
This is why my ardent preaching will not wane

Copyright May 20 2023
Email: busiafordemocracy@


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