Ghana records 1,086 death cases in road crashes between January to June

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A report issued by Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate (MTTD) shows that a total of 1,086 people died in road crashes from January to June 2023.

The cases per the statistics is against the 1,300 cases of people who died in 2022 within the same period. It means, there had been a reduction of 214 (16.46%).

Meanwhile, there were injury cases of 7,807 with the period under review as against a total of 8,007 people who got injured from January to June in 2022.

The reports also indicates that pedestrian knockdowns were 1,205 as against 1,356 in 2022 while vehicles involved in crashes were 11,763 as against that of 13,248 cases in 2022.

However, the total number of cases reported on crashes and casualties from January to June was 6,904 as against 7,687 in 2022.

Given a detailed breakdown on the reports, the MTTD said “Generally, there have been reductions in all major indicators for June 2023 except the number of persons killed which increased by 16.25%. Similarly, January to June 2023 recorded decreases in all major indicators compared with the same period in 2022.

It can therefore be concluded that the outlook for crashes, Injuries and Deaths (CIDs) for the period under review is positive. Moreover, among the major indicators; crashes, Injuries, Deaths, Vehicles Involved, Persons Injured and Pedestrian Knockdowns,
fatalities/deaths realized the widest margin of decline (16.5%) for the period January to June 2023.

It is also worthy to note that the number of Private Vehicles involved in crashes has seen a consistent decline in its crash involvement which hitherto was recording increases in crash involvement compared to Commercial Vehicles and Motorcycles.”

According to the MTTD, the significant margin of decrease in deaths and fatalities recorded in the January to June of 2023 is 16.5% which could be largely attributed to the level of reductions recorded in crashes in Greater Accra, Ashanti and Eastern regions respectively.

The reduction it noted Greater Accra (11.5%), Ashanti (9.6%) and Eastern (11.6%) regions which together usually constitute 76% of all crashes in the country.

“Consequently, this development positively influenced the number of deaths as witnessed in a reduction of 8.3%, 21.5% and 17.7% in the Greater Accra, Ashanti and Eastern regions respectively,” the reports continues.

Management of the Motor Transport and Traffic Directorate said it office is putting in place measures to sustain in these strategic regions to help reduce the numbers at the national



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