Samini Troupe Thrills Revellers at the African Music Festival in Germany

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Ghanaian cultural group Samini Troupe has once again delivered a scintillating performance of Damba ensemble at the 23rd edition of the African Music Festival that took place from 4 – 6 August 2023 at the Schlossplatz in the south-western German town of Emmendingen.

The music festival under the theme “Tribute to Mama Africa”, Afrikaba Kulturkreis e.V. has once again put together an exciting festival programme.

The various African-origin musical styles and cultures, including salsa, reggae and Afro world, were represented at the 3-day fiesta, which featured global stars such as Yemi Alade of Nigeria, Orchestra Baobab of Senegal and the Samini Troupe from Ghana.

As expected, Ghana-based Samini Troupe dished out mouthwatering cultural dances and drumming with historical root from Damba festival observed by the people of Northern, Savanna, North East, Upper East, and Upper West Regions of Ghana.

Additionally, the music of the Samini Troupe were artistically stunning, culturally unique, and universally enjoyable as the revelers dance their hearts out.

With Samini Troupe, every performance is part of a larger tradition, where the creator, performers, and audience all engage with the piece as part of that broader cultural heritage.

The drumming and flute music accompanying the dances were intricate and captivating.

It was a spectacle to behold as performers like Aboagye Ernest Kwadwo, Tibu Delanyo, Okyere Elvis, Muslim Awudu Addy, Kwakye Alfred Osei, Sasu Clement, and Mendez Osei continued to dazzle the expectant audience will a true and authentic African dance form.

The chemistry that existed between Archer Georgina Naa-Adei, Appiah Raphael, Kpeli Saviour, Okai Benjamin Nii Annan, Adjei Eric Kwaku, Gyamera Stephen and Samini Emmanuel as they dance to the mellifluous tunes of Samini Emmanuel Andrews and Sowah Nathaniel’s flute and xylophone.

The shared experience that exists in the SAMINI Troupe’s coordinations and acts left an indelible impression on the faces and minds of the audience.

The combination of the flute and xylophone instruments gave rhythmic and melodic elements that entertains and communicates the rich heritage of the people.The troupe performed the Tora Dance, typically done at significant life events.

The dance involves solemn and rhythmic movements accompanied by specific drumming patterns, reflecting the Northern part of Ghana’s reverence and respect for the departed.

The musical instruments employed in this dance include the famous lunga and gungon.

“For many years I have been watching the several musical dances and have tried to bring great artists to Emmendingen. This year, I succeeded! I am very happy about the Samini Troupe!” Raphael Kofi, festival founder and director, said excitedly.

Samini Troupe, which have performed across many countries and is reputed for breathtaking performances, plans to tour Europe in the coming year.


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