Dam spillage: VRA provides medical support to affected victims

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The Health Service of the Volta River Authority (VRA) has provided medical support and medicines to cater for the victims of the flooding as a result of the spilling of the Akosombo and Kpong dams.

The VRA Health Service, led by its Medical Director, Dr Omari-Yeboah, indicated that the medical interventions were part of their humanitarian support for the affected communities.

These medical relief supplies include anti-venom serums, painkillers, antibiotics, hand sanitisers, mosquito repellents, gloves, cannulas, dewormers and anti-fungal topical creams.

Speaking on the medical interventions put in place to support the communities, Dr Omari-Yeboah stated the authority is working closely with the Ghana Health Service (GHS) to deploy staff to the affected areas.

“Doctors, nurses and allied health professionals have been deployed to provide much-needed medical support.

The GHS has deployed personnel from other parts of the country to augment the efforts of the medical staff on the ground. We are providing medical, sanitary, lab and pharmacy services at no cost to the citizens,” Dr Omari-Yeboah added.

According to him, his outfit was supplying medicines to support the relief effort. “As part of the combined efforts, we have also supplied medicines to the Ghana Health Services to help in the relief effort.”

Dr Omari-Yeboah empathised with the affected victims and assured them that VRA will provide them with all the necessary help.

“We are in this together. It is our sworn duty to serve and we shall serve our community. We will leave no stone unturned in providing the medical support needed,” Dr Omari-Yeboah added.

He reassured the victims that the supply of drugs and medical equipment is just the tip of the iceberg of VRA’s Evacuation Plan and that all affected districts were going to be constantly supplied with vital medical items and drugs.

“As an Obstetrician and Gynecologist by training, the women and children are especially of great concern to me, so anything I can do in my power to ensure their health and well-being will be done. As my Chief Executive said, no one will be left behind.

The VRA Health Services team, he noted, will continue to provide the needed support to the community during and after the controlled spill of the Akosombo dam is over.

He reiterated that his team was always on standby with staff, ambulances and other medical support at all times, to enhance the efforts of the Ghana Health Service.


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