COCOBOD CEO’s order for Nana Oboadie’s arrest ‘shameful’ – Concerned Farmers

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The Concerned Farmers Association of Ghana has vehemently condemned the order of Chief Executive Officer of Ghana Cocoa Board (COCOBOD), Joseph Boahen Aidoo, for the arrest of Nana Boateng Bonsu, the association’s president.

According to the association,  the action is a “shameful attack on democracy and cocoa farmers’ right.”

The arrest allegedly follows Mr. Bonsu’s calls for the dissolution of the state agency, claiming that it has failed to protect the interests of Ghanaian cocoa farmers.

Bonsu was also accused of inciting cocoa farmers against COCOBOD, urging them to sell their produce directly to buyers.

Reacting to the development in a statement, the Concerned Farmers Association of Ghana described the actions of Mr. Aidoo as “outrageous and illegal.”

“This blatant abuse of power is not only an attack on our organization but, more importantly, a direct assault on the principles of justice, democracy, and the rights of cocoa farmers.

“It is both disheartening and infuriating that the very organization responsible for championing the interests of cocoa farmers would stoop to such levels to suppress dissenting voices,” part of the statement expressed.

The arrests, the Concerned Farmers said were not only “unlawful but also morally reprehensible, reflecting a desperate attempt” to silence those who dare to speak out against the deep-rooted issues within the cocoa industry.

To them, having consistently raised legitimate concerns regarding the “mismanagement, corruption, and lack of transparency within COCOBOD”, they will continue to be a watchdog of the state agency’s operations.

“This arrest order is an affront to democracy itself. It undermines the fundamental principles of freedom of expression, the right to peaceful assembly, and the duty of institutions to protect and uphold the rights of citizens, especially those who feed the nation through their labor.

“We challenge COCOBOD and its CEO to explain to the world why they would resort to such desperate and illegal measures instead of addressing the genuine concerns we have raised. The cocoa industry’s prosperity and sustainability can only be achieved through constructive dialogue, transparency, and accountability, not through heavy-handed tactics,” it added.

” According to the Concerned Farmers Association, they will not succumb to the silencing nor be intimidated by unlawful actions.

“We urge COCOBOD to reconsider its actions and engage in a meaningful, respectful, and lawful dialogue with our association to address the pressing issues within the cocoa industry. The world is watching, and the cocoa farmers of our nation deserve better.”

The statement pressed further on the government and the international community to condemn the outrageous abuse of power by the COCOBOD and to demand the immediate withdrawal of the arrest order against its President.

The Concerned Farmers Association concluded by suggesting that with immediate effect the “COCOBOD CEO Joseph Boahen Aidoo without remorse tenders in his resignation instead unashamedly.”


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