We won’t allow GN Bank to go down – PPP to Bank of Ghana

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The Progressive People’s Party (PPP) has said that it will offer all the necessary support to the legal team of the Groupe Nduom so they can battle Bank of Ghana and see to the resuscitation of defunct GN Bank.

Chairman of the party, Nana Ofori-Owusu at a media briefing on Tuesday said the party represents the thousands of Ghanaians who share same sentiments about the bank which was dissolved by the Central Bank of Ghana for being ‘insolvent’

According to the firebrand chairman, the Bank which was the ‘symbol of financial empowerment and entrepreneurial spirit’ was collapsed for reasons which cannot stand the test of time.

“Its collapse, orchestrated by whispers in the corridors of power, left not just families broken, but faith in our future shattered…,” he said.

It is to this end that he swore tooth and nail to ensure the shareholders appeal a High Court ruling which endorsed its collapse by the Bank of Ghana.

“But even in the face of this tragedy, we refuse to be silenced! The recent High Court decision, which erroneously ruled against GN Bank, only fuels our determination to fight for justice. We know, in our hearts and minds, that GN Bank was solvent, that it met all regulatory requirements, and that its revocation was politically motivated, a deliberate attempt to crush an indigenous success story.

“Therefore, we stand here today, united as Ghanaians, to declare that we will not accept this injustice! We are informed that shareholders are appealing the High Court decision, and we will fight tooth and nail until GN Bank is rightfully restored. We will not allow this government to get away with its blatant disregard for the rule of law and its callous disregard for the livelihoods of ordinary Ghanaians…,” he added.

Nana Ofori-Owusu further said that the fight for the restoration of the Bank is in the interest of all Ghanaians and not just the stateholders.

“And this is not just about GN Bank, friends. This is about the future of our entire nation. We cannot stand by and watch as this government systematically destroys our businesses, undermine our institutions, and lines its own pockets with ill-gotten gains. We must rise up, together, and demand a better Ghana…,” the PPP Chairman said.

The collapse of the once vibrant bank which had several branches across the country, he told the press, is part of the numerous injustices happening in the Akufo-Addo regime.

Nana Ofori-Owusu, PPP Chairman

Nepotism and corruption, he added, has been entrenched in this country with persons with political connections and NPP card-bearing members always having juicy contracts.

“The stench of corruption hangs heavy in the air. Scandals whisper in alleys, scandals scream from headlines, yet still, this government turns a blind eye, deafened by the clinking of ill-gotten gains. Cash for seats, bonds for cronies, vaccines for profit – a symphony of plunder conducted by those who swore to serve but instead feast on the carcass of our nation.”

The party with the red sun as symbol, he chanted, is the only hope for the dying Ghanaian.

“Friends, even in this despair, a flicker of hope remains. We, the people, are the embers of change. We, the united voices of discontent, are the rising tide that will cleanse this land of its oppressors. We, the inheritors of greatness, will be the architects of a new dawn.

“In the upcoming elections, let our votes be thunder, let our ballots be lightning, let our anger be the storm that sweeps away this corrupt regime. Let us join hands, PPP and Ghanaians of all walks of life, and form a new alliance, a Great Alliance 2.0, that will rescue our nation from this abyss.”



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