Easter: ECG assures stability in national power supply

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The Electricity Company of Ghana has assured members of the general public and customers that there is stability in power distribution across the country.

Contrary to speculation, ECG reassures the public that the national grid is stable, attributing power outages to localised faults in certain areas.

According to the statement, ECG emphasized that while the national power supply remains consistent and stable, instances of power loss are isolated incidents caused by localized faults.

“We wish to inform our cherished customers and the general public that we have a stable national power supply,” the statement read.

In order to address these localized faults promptly, the ECG encourages affected customers to reach out through various channels for immediate assistance.

“Any customer currently experiencing a power outage is urged to contact our dedicated contact center on 0302 611611. Additionally, we encourage customers to reach out to us via WhatsApp or our social media handles (ECGghOfficial) for immediate action to rectify the issue and restore power supply.”

Contact Information:

  • ECG Contact Center: 0302 611611
  • WhatsApp: [0302 611611]
  • Social Media: ECGghOfficial
Full statement from ECG

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