Ghanaians have lost their sense of patriotism- Divine Nkrumah

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Director of Operations for the Convention Peoples Party (CPP), Divine Nkrumah has expressed his sadness against the loss of the spirit of patriotism in the country.

Speaking Wednesday, April 10, 2024, on the Angel Morning Show (AMS), Mr. Nkrumah complained bitterly about how Ghanaians have become so individualistic with no sense of love for the country, solely focused on gaining money.

“I am so sad everything in the country has become monetized. We have reached a point where no one thinks about his brother or future. They don’t think about anything. It is solely about the money, how to get money to spend with their nuclear family. They have become self-centered. It is all about them. The individualism is becoming too much.”

The Director of Operations explained that the individualistic culture has become part of the nature of Ghanaians. He further stated selfishness has been ingrained in the minds of Ghanaians, hence they are always seeking their interests over the country’s.

“Now people don’t even believe we can have honest, sincere, and genuine people
ever in the country. So, we have gotten to the point where everyone feels, they should be given the chance to also have a share in the national cake. Some people are waiting to get the chance to come and steal money or rob the nation.”

He also blamed the media for failing to fuel the spirit of patriotism in the country.

“We are at this point because the media is also failing. When it comes to conscientisation and indoctrination, it starts from the fourth estate. The patriotic tendencies that are dying in the system because we do not discuss things that tell us Ghana is worth dying for. We don’t hear good news, very depressing. It makes everybody think badly of the country,” he said.

He described the situation in the country as a very serious one, where the youth no longer have hope in the country. According to him, the youth have lost their sense of patriotism, leading to them seeking greener pastures in other countries, that are no far better than Ghana.

“They resort to traveling and they don’t even care about the systems that are there currently. We are where we are because we don’t think about ourselves. It is not good! Let us remember our past and origins and live like how we used to live before. We need to fix ourselves as a country and have hope,” Mr. Nkrumah stressed.

Speaking on the ongoing issue of illegal mining popularly known as galamsey he cautioned Ghanaians against ignoring such sensitive issues since it can go a long way to affect the water resources in the country. He advised Ghanaians to be measured in their activities.

“If we were so minded about our future water bodies while engaging in these galamsey activities and look at how they are deteriorating the water bodies, we will have been measured and careful in our activities.”

He advised Ghanaians to take good care of the mineral resources available in the country and plan for the future.

“The fact that God has gifted you with minerals, does not mean you should mismanage it. If we end up destroying the environment, natural resources and the country, where will we stay to enjoy the wealth?” the CPP man questioned.


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