Ernest Owusu-Bempah: We must come together and crush Mahama

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The former strongman of the Soviet Union, Vladimir Lenin once situated politics and political saboteurs in a stunning context.

The saboteurs Lenin complained of were alleged conspirators, working behind the scenes to ruin his virtuous plans. Eventually Lenin took out the saboteurs in a grandest of schemes.

And several decades after Lenin, NDC politics under John Mahama is becoming a source of fascination and study for historians for decades to come.

In fact, in seven years in political opposition, we’re starting to see the real nature of the dead goat, and the stunning cognitive dissonance of the man and his followers.

Indeed, the sad incident of the Diesel Multiple Unit (DMU) train that crashed into a parked truck on the Tema-Mpakadan rail track last Thursday is a stark reminder that the NDC’s nation wrecking agenda isn’t going to end now.

Once again, John Mahama’s client arsonists, wreckers and scumbag partisans are putting the boot into the forward movement of our dear nation.

They are at their sabotaging best once again trying to derail every positive intervention by the NPP government.

The truck was deliberately parked on the rail track by the opposition elements to sabotage the state.

On the face of it, you might think this was a normal accident but no, it wasn’t a mere accident but a deliberately orchestrated act by John Mahama paid agents.

The Mahama surrogates engineered the DMU train’s accident.

There’s been ample evidence over the last 7years to show that we’ve not seen the last of these nation wreckers, which is why it is important for the state security apparatus to deal ruthlessly with these nation wreckers.

These are clear signals of things to come. Mahama and his goons promises to deliver the most calamitous elections that we have known. They know they can’t win through the ballot box and so they’re hell bent on causing mayhem.

We must not give a victory to the nation wreckers. A politics of disdain for intelligence and culture of impunity must not triumph. We must not allow the explosions of xenophobia and disaster to befall us.

We must stand together as a people and like Lenin root out Mahama and his paid agitators and nation wreckers.

Ernest Kofi Owusu-Bempah Bonsu
Deputy Director of communications NPP


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