GNPC’s imposing Takoradi edifice almost done

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The magnificent office complex being put up by the Ghana National Petroleum Corporation (GNPC) in Western Region capital, Takoradi, to serve as its operational headquarters, is nearing completion.

The impressive edifice employs eco-friendly features such as natural lighting and ventilation, intelligent security and systems, water storage systems, as well as smart management systems.

It also has facilities that reflect the Corporation’s commitment to creating a conducive work environment for its employees, fostering efficiency and innovation that will ultimately boost productivity.

During a recent visit to ascertain level of progress of work at the site of the imposing infrastructure, newly-appointed Chief Executive Officer of the GNPC, Joseph Dadzie told journalists that, the building will not only house GNPC operational staff but will also be leased out to some of GNPC’s partners and other organisations.

Mr. Dadzie in his remarks, expressed satisfaction with the work done so far, commending the contractors for exceeding his expectations.

The CEO emphasised the state-of-the-art infrastructure and modern facilities that the new GNPC Operational Headquarters will provide.

According to him, the facility reflects the Corporation’s commitment to creating a conducive work environment for its employees, fostering efficiency and innovation that will ultimately boost productivity.

He underscored GNPC’s dedication to promoting local content and community development while emphasizing, the construction of the Operational Headquarters in Takoradi exemplifies the Corporation’s commitment to extending significant investments in the oil and gas sector beyond the industrial sphere, positively impacting the immediate community.

Responding to concerns about the reduction in the volume of oil being produced in the country, Mr. Dadzie acknowledged the need to increase production. He explained that revenue is determined by both price and volume, and although the country’s production has been low, the high oil prices have helped maintain relatively stable revenue for the Corporation.

He further emphasized the critical need for the corporation to increase its reserves and production. He was hopeful that the Voltaian Basin project will be a game-changer for Ghana.

He added that “GNPC’s inland Voltaian Basin Project (VBP), which spans 103,000 sq km (approximately 40% of the land area of Ghana), marks a truly significant milestone in our quest for energy exploration and development to increase hydrocarbon reserves and production.”

“We have made substantial progress in the VBP, starting with the acquisition of a reconnaissance license from the Minister for Energy.”

This paved the way for extensive exploration activities, including the collection and analysis of geochemical soil and gas samples, as well as the acquisition and processing of 2D seismic data spanning over 5,000 -line km across the basin. Interpretation of acquired data led to the identification of 29 potential leads, with further evaluation narrowing this down to six promising sites for exploration drilling.

Mr. Dadzie pointed out that, the aim is to improve productivity to enhance the Corporation’s vision of becoming a stand-alone operator in the oil and gas industry.

He expressed confidence that the Corporation is on the right trajectory and will achieve this objective in due course.


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