IPMB to construct 50 mechanized boreholes for Kyebi Afiesa residents and neighboring towns

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International Precious Metals Bullion (IPMB), has initiated moves to construct 50 mechanized boreholes for Kyebi Afiesa and its surrounding communities in the Abuakwa South Constituency in the Eastern Region.

The mechanized boreholes for the aforementioned areas, which will cost about millions of Ghana Cedis are expected to be completed within the shortest possible time after construction works commence.

The project will be handed over to the beneficiary communities after completion to guarantee their access to potable water.

The move followed a pledge made by Mr. Ohene Danquah, in his capacity as the IPMB Director for Africa on Sunday, June 23, 2024, during the group’s formal visit to the areas.

The group, graciously received by the esteemed Chief, Otafregya Agyeman Kumaning, and his people in honor of the Akwasidae celebration, the delegation was led by the former.

In his brief address of the traditional authorities, the IPMB Director for Africa, Ohene Danquah Agyeman Duah, said their humanitarian and generous gestures were borne out of the adverse impact of mining activities on local water sources, resulting in a decline in water quality.

He also expressed concerns about the canker which is negatively affecting the well-being of the community’s residents.

“In response to this urgent need, IPMB has proactively taken measures to address the water scarcity issue and improve the quality of life for the people of Afiesa and its neighboring towns,” he said.

He elaborated further that beyond addressing water scarcity and the health concerns of the people, the group sought to ensure that the area, henceforth, can boost of “access to clean and safe drinking water.”

Mr. Ohene Danquah Agyeman Duah noted that the charitable initiative was carefully considered at an international level and subsequently approved by the IPMB’s Chief Executive Officer, John Vakis.

IPMB’s Chief Executive Officer, John Vakis being interviewed

The Chief of Kyebi Afiesa, Nana Otafregya Agyeman Kumaning, and, his elders were filled with joy and thanked the IPMB team for their visit, particularly for the gesture.

The IPMB is a gold trading company made up of industry-leading professionals from the finance, blockchain, and precious metals sectors with over 250 combined years of experience. A group of companies, spanning 3 continents and 5 countries.


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