People want to incite my students against me – Dr Abbeam cries out

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Founder of Abbeam Institute of Technology in Kasoa, Rev Dr Abbeam Danso, has declared “war” against people he claims want to destroy and blackmail him.

According to him, people have deliberately designed a strategy to paint him black before his students, who have been enrolled at the institution. This, he says is an attempt to tarnish his reputation in the tertiary education sector.

Speaking in an interview on ‘Abɔfoɔ Nkɔmɔ’ on Angel FM with ‘Mr Handsome’ on Sunday, July 26, 2020, Rev Abbeam said that the news circulating on social media which suggests that students of the institution have sued him for alleged fraud, is never true.

He, therefore, entreated the general public to disregard such news since nothing of that sort has happened at the institution.

“All those social media reports are false. Some parents even came to speak on behalf of their children that the information is false. I believe this is an attempt to destroy me by using my students.

“I have noticed that whenever someone wants to do something unique in this country, people try to bring him or her down. All the stories going around about me do not make sense,” he indicated.

He revealed that if this would continue then he would refrain from “doing good”.

According to reports, some concerned students from the Abbeam Institute of Technology have sued the school over alleged deception and fraud.

However, a final year student of the Institute, who earlier in the week spoke on the mid-morning show on Angel FM hosted by Ohemaa Woyeje said, she was one of the victims.

Per the student’s narration, she saw the advert on TV and then decided to contact the school for affirmation. The school authorities told her that when she completes level 400, she will be writing the University of Cambridge exams in the United Kingdom.

According to her, after four years in the school, she is now being asked to pay Eight-hundred pounds (£800) before she can get the opportunity to write the Cambridge Exams else, she will be graduating with a diploma.

She added that, they have spoken to a lawyer who had served the Abbeam Institute with writs from a court and were waiting for the response from the institute.

Abbeam Institute of Technology is a registered tertiary institution which is duly certified by the National Accreditation Board and affiliated to internationally recognised Institutions like Cambridge International College and Sunderland University.


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