Are you out to destroy Rawlings’ political legacy? – Abodakpi questions Prof. Ahwoi

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Chairman of the Volta Regional Council of Elders for the NDC, Dan Abodakpi, has questioned the intention of Professor Kwamena Ahwoi in writing and publishing a book titled “Working with Rawlings”.

He described the book as ‘a factually wrong and dangerous aberration likely to create tensions in and out’.
The Volta Regional Chairman issued a statement to refute some claims made in the book, “Working with Rawlings”, which he describes as being “utterly false”.

“One such example of inaccuracy, was incorrectly referencing my designation as High Commissioner to Malaysia under President Mahama. Please be informed that I was High Commissioner under our late President Prof. Mills and not President Mahama”, Mr. Abodakpi’s statement said.

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Mr. Abodakpi stated that any attempt by Professor Ahwoi to destroy the political legacy of President Rawlings would amount to him [Ahwoi] simply wasting his time.

According to him, his views on the former First Lady – Mrs. Rawlings’ decision to contest President Mills were also misrepresented in Prof Ahwoi’s book.

“I have always maintained that the decision of the former First Lady to contest Prof Mills was not well thought through at the time and therefore not prudent. However, I would never describe her in so derogatory a manner as has been done in the book”, he corrected.

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In his signed release, Mr. Abodakpi stood his ground never to be used as an accessory to an agenda to delink President Rawlings from the National Democratic Congress, a party founded by Mr. Rawlings.

While distancing himself from all references made to him in the book, Mr. Abodakpi said though former President Jerry John Rawlings may not be a ‘plaster Saint’, he does not deserve to be portrayed in the manner Prof Ahwoi did.

He concluded that, any attempt to misrepresent the facts behind the true story of the revolution and the NDC party by Prof. Ahwoi and those supporting his ‘slanderous and treacherous book’ would be fiercely resisted.


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