Nana Frema Busia bemoans Busia family’s “Agyapa denial”

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It is with such deep pain that I find myself backed into a wall to respond to a seeming Busia Family self-hatred.

It is a most interesting irony that the Busia Family that does not seem to understand Dr. K.A. Busia’s role and historical significance to Ghana and Africa would attempt in dictatorial mode on the 21st September edition of the Daily Guide Newspaper, to suppress and deny against the tenets of  “Free Speech”, a  singular intellectual opinion of his daughter rendered for the public good.

This is with regard to the Agyapa gold Royalty package which in my well-considered view is simply not a good deal for Ghana. Indeed, how absurd that my intellectual property rights can be denied by the Busia family.

How splendid it would have been, had the Busia family stood steadfast for good democratic non-corrupt governance and supported the article”Agyapa: hidden dilemmas of a gold deal” which has disappeared from the Citi- FM online portal. Coincidence?

I wonder why there cannot be genuine differences of opinion in a truly vibrant multi-party democracy?  This is the triumphant cause celebre’ for which Dr. K.A. Busia devoted his life.  This is the memory that inspires and should lead to reformatory development and his aspirational progress mission which was truncated.

It is the search for true African- inspired democracy that drives my life in his eternal memory. I am wholly committed to  Dr. K A. Busia’s cherished ideals for  Ghana and Africa’s search for democracy, fully anchored in ethical governance with developmental freedom and security.
• The Progress Party has ceased to exist and a New Patriotic Party that harbours unpatriotic deeds within its ranks, of which there is substantive proof, is not his successor government in my view,  Even if it were, misdeeds that do not benefit the country should neither be supported nor tolerated.

Consequently, I cannot be bamboozled by a  majority tyranny to join a bandwagon that betrays the ideals and vision of Dr. K.A. Busia who I dare say, would not approve of cloudy,  consolidated clandestine deals.

Let us call a spade a spade and query what is wrong. Let us not be condescending or weary of dissenting frontline ideas so that what is not right may not thrive. This is precisely the Busia brilliance /mystique that confronted the titanic First Parliament and stood sentinel for multi-party democracy.

  • I cannot be part of any agenda that says:”SPEAK  NOT, for we can join the FEAST, do not CRITIQUE, let Ghana WEEP, for we are satisfied so let us Sleep?  Why not save the boat from capsizing with the FLEET?  That would be such a FEAT”

I do not see any virtue in shielding those  who pay lip service to continuity of  Dr. K.A. Busia’s  distinguished legacy for political advantage, yet,  portray by deeds that they  do not  put a premium on national interest or honestly care about his  rightful place in history in  their power  mission

Let me now state rather firmly, that I am not aware of anyone who owns a franchise on the Busia name from whom I have to seek legal permission to express public intellectual opinion on a matter of national developmental interest, except God,  who has given me my Busia birthright with grace and fortitude to be forthright.

I respect and indeed welcome the opinions of those who disagree with me because  “Tikoro nko agyina”,  but please do not just tell me my write-ups will hurt or upset the status quo! That is a vexatious unprincipled stance and a non- argument that does not appeal to my innate sense of justice. I am so far, not persuaded by a supposed collective Busia family apparent discomfiture to the Truth that I speak. In fact, I see this as a regrettable and sad betrayal of  Dr. K. A. Busia.

• Thus, I shall not be stifled by a politically expedient and knee jerk public denial of my insightful opinion due to ulterior motives without alternative arguments or solutions to the problems under discussion.

I am obviously on a different radical wavelength as I stand up for my father, Dr. Kofi Abrefa  Busia’s principles with ideational tenacity and nothing can change that.  I am sure that he is proud of me in heaven and would endorse my stance were he alive.

I am available for discussion and co-ordination and to unite with selfless  Ghanaians and others including offering an olive branch to family members who do value moral leadership and are willing and able to design and implement policies and programs that benefit the citizens of Ghana and impact our African continent’s profile positively for posterity.

This important mission cannot be an addendum to unsavory visions, personality cults, projects or financial convolutions that abuse the essence and interests of our  Peoples undercover. For peace sake, there is an immediate and vital need for a pluralistic dynamic engagement for the sake of continental dignity and Progress so that Black Lives shall indeed matter.

It is for this reason that I have drawn a fine line in the sand not to compromise my father’s blood that is alive in me and speaks through me with distinguished eloquence to those who can hear with objectivity.

I stand for a Ghana and an Africa that conducts its affairs with integrity and with pride so that we can be equal participants on a  competitive world stage without merited disdain!


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