Aspiring NPP youth organizer urges Ghanaians to take covid-19 jab

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An aspiring National Youth Organizer of the ruling New Patriotic Party has praised President Akufo-Addo for setting the precedent for others to follow.

According to Abanga Fusani Yakubu, the aspirant, the President has always demonstrated good leadership qualities and being the first to take the covid-19 vaccine jab to allay fears and deal with misconceptions surrounding the vaccine—AstraZaneca Vaccine—is exemplary. 

“It is the President’s responsibility to protect the citizens of the country and to ensure that all are safe and in good health. This is the more reason why the President does come to our homes with updates on measures taken against the spread of coronavirus.

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“And it is good news with us having procured the first batch of vaccines under the leadership of our able President. As if that was not enough; the President has gone ahead to allay all fears and clear misconception about the vaccine by taking his shot along with his Vice President, First and Second ladies and other prominent people of our land. This is great demonstration of good leadership in the politics of health,” the youth activist said. 

Recounting how the Government has handled the covid-19 pandemic till the crucial breakthrough of the world’s vaccine development, he urged all to join the train to get vaccinated because the fight against the virus is a collective one.

Mr. Abanga said: “The virus is not affecting only a segment of the population. It is affecting everyone. And wearing nose mask has its own challenges; you face breathing problems. The Police are also on the streets stopping drivers to check it. It is challenging. I will therefore plead with all to get vaccinated to eliminate this dangerous virus.”

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The aspirant also stressed that the vaccine has been duly examined and approved by the Food and Drugs Authority (FDA) for which reason all should endeavor to get vaccinated.

Drawing inspiration from the words of T.R Oliver, he concluded by saying: “Science can identify solutions to pressing public health problems, but only politics can turn most of these solutions into reality.” 

“You can always trust this government with good politics and governance that seek solutions to improve the lives of Ghanaians.”


On Monday March 1, 2021, President Akufo-Addo, his Vice and wives publicly took their jab of the AstraZaneca vaccines delivered to Ghana on February 24, 2021 under the Covax vaccine-sharing initiative by the World Health Organization.

Prior to its acquisition, there were reservations, diverse views and or misconceptions expressed by the public, where some questioned its efficacy and safeness.

The President in his efforts to convince the public of its safety and authenticity, took the lead to take the jab publicly. 


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