Produce NDC’s collated figures and pink sheets in 2020 Elections – Cadres to party Leadership

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The Cadres for Accountable Leadership (CAL) which is an amalgamated umbrella body of all cadres, footsoldiers, activists, party loyalist and progressive of the Armed forces Revolutionary Council

The Convener for the group, Livingston Pay – Charlie disclosed to Angel News Kwadwo Baffour at a news conference in Accra that, they’re calling on the party leadership at the party’s headquarters to produce to their own collated figures or pink sheets in the 2020 general elections.

He explained that, based on public utterances by some party leaders that the NDC has its own collated figures from the pink sheets and some party leaders at a press conference declared that the NDC had won the 2020 election for which reason supporters should occupy the streets and jubilate or is it an agenda by the national Leadership to disrespect our hardworking supporters and footsoldiers.

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He said they’re giving the national executive council, functional executive committee (FEC) and the council of Elders two weeks ultimatum to ensure this is done so that the rank and file will be better served, this is not too hard a task to demand from Leadership pink sheets or collated figures covering the 38,622 polling stations in the 2020 election.

During the election petition hearing, the plaintiff and his witnesses were asked several times by the judges what results they collated and the question drew blank.

It was an eyesore for the party to go to court without originating a distinct figure from the pink sheets in order to challenge what was declared by the electoral commission.

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He further reiterated that, should the NDC hierarchy fail this two weeks ultimatum, they shall constitute series of mass actions and nationwide protest across all NDC offices at wards, branches, constituencies, regional and national to demand collective action of resignations by current officers.

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