Ignore fake biometric document on social media – NDC cautions

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The Deputy communication officer of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Godwin Ako Gunn, has asked Ghanaians, particularly members of the party to ignore a purported biometric document supposedly being considered the party.

According to him, the said document making rounds on social media is fake and hence called on party faithfuls to treat it with contempt.

“There is a document purported to be the NDC Biometric system making the rounds on social media. All NDC members should ignore and also be circumspect in materials they share on social media”, he noted.

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He then advised executives of the party to certify any documents at hand before sharing it on social media to avoid misinforming the general public.

“Executives at all levels should ensure the authenticity of documents they share on social media lest they mislead other members of our rank and file” Godwin Ako Gunn cautioned.

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