Jemimah Kumah writes: Establishing and maintaining client relationship through good attitude

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In any business venture, one is bound to have clients, but how do these clients feel or think of you?

Is there respect, and is it reciprocal? Depending on the customer service rendered it is bound to be reciprocal, either in a positive or negative fashion.

Customer service has become a vital theme in the business environment.

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How you approach clients matters; it could be your undoing or the door opener in your business pursuits.

Often than not our attitudes drive away both old and potential clients from patronising your products.

One cannot foretell the motive of clients; a customer can be discontented with services provided despite painstaking efforts put forth to satisfy the person’s needs. Some even get on your nerves, and your guess is as good as mine.

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They say “a customer is always right” but to what extent? This notion has affected the quality of customer service offered by its providers in diverse fields and consequently affected the progress of businesses.

Both client and service provider could both be having a bad day and transfer that negative energy across.

To a service provider, maintaining a client is the topmost priority and efforts must be made towards that.

Faithful customers and clients are hard to come by so if retaining them is a challenge, check your attitude.

You may even be the most qualified person but your attitude can make you lose your job just because you mistreated a client.

We need to learn as service providers that without clients there is no business. It takes two to tango sometimes in business; we need each other.

We enter the business to make a profit, grow and expand but it will take a client to ensure you excel. You need to understand your position and also know that not all clients are courteous.


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