Diplomatic row: Expert explains why Ghana may find it difficult dealing with Kurdistan

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An International Diplomatic Consultant, Al Wahab Farouk, has described as “draconian” the system practised in Kurdistan in relation to the province’s enforcement of laws.

His comment comes in the wake of the four persons whose fate are still hanging in the balance−life and death. They are Bismark Appiah, Evans Akoto, Naomi Osei Serwaa and Grace Tiwaa.

It follows their arrest on December 7, 2021 on account of smuggling of some narcotic substances believed to be heroin.

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There is fear that the suspects who are currently in custody of the Kurdish Police would be executed due to the harshness of their laws and practices.

However, the security consultant is optimistic that the situation can be dealt with diplomatically if the Government of Ghana would be proactive to save their lives.

According to him, the laws that govern the province are not in agreement with the codes of the United Nations (UN) or any other international community that advocates for human rights.

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This is because they are not subscribed to any of the communities except United Unrepresented and Peoples Organization (UUPO) which has its own codes.

However, the province was given a self-determination status by the United Nations in 2005 after the arrest and imprisonment of Saddam Hussein in 2003. It has since been in the process of establishing laws that will govern its affairs internally and externally.

Currently, Kurdistan has no foreign ministry but Department of Foreign Relations (KDFR) which also makes their relations with foreign countries a fraught one.

Mr. Al Wahab also mentioned that the system is ran in the strict manner owing to the background to which they belong.

According to him, some of the Kurdish indigenes travelled to Turkey to work in the country for a period after which they sought for citizenship rights. However, the Turkish government at the time denied them the requests.

The Kurdish migrants who felt mistreated by the Turkish government, formed a group that caused an insurrection in the country leading to the loss of many lives.

Though some of the perpetrators of the insurrection were arrested and jailed, others who escaped capture by the Turkish government have formed a political government in recent Kurdistan making their style of ruling austere.

Further in his submissions, the International Diplomatic Consultant made mention of their surroundings which also has an impact on their behaviour.

The country is bordered to the North by Turkey, South by Syria, East by Iran and South by Iraq which all are characterized by instabilities.

So in effect, when one, especially a foreign national, is found in contravention with their laws it is difficult for countries which have no embassy in the province to engage them to resolve the issues.


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